Donors engaged in supporting organic and fairtrade projects

There are various donors who support or have supported organic and fairtrade projects with a development orientation.

We can help you to get in touch with donors who might be open to support your initiative.

SECO Leverage Fund

For new organic and fairtrade commodity projects in least developed countries (LDCs) where the Swiss development cooperation is engaged, SECO reserved potential contributions through a leverage fund.

Contributions are only available to initiatives which follow a development-oriented value chain approach (poverty reduction goals, proven market potential, convincing business case, partnerships with private sector), and in which development cooperation organisations and the private sector provide the main funding (> 50%). The SECO-contribution therefore shall have a leverage effect to mobilize other funds.

Following Seco’s strategic approach to promote three key commodities (cotton, coffee, cocoa) the leverage fund initially (in 2009) will mainly provide co-funding to projects to develop organic and FT cocoa value chains. Projects in LDCs that are submitted for co-funding from the leverage fund need to fulfil the conditions specified in the guidelines for the submission of project proposals.

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