Past Events

Organic and fairtrade value chains in development cooperation: potential, tools, and ways to make them work
Workshop 03 May 2010, Zurich

Representatives of development NGOs, companies, government agencies, international organisations, consultancies and research institutions met to exchange on current approaches to use organic agriculture and fair trade for achieving development goals. They received and shared information about recent developments and ongoing activities, and got an overview on available tools and services. Potentials, limitations and challenges in this field were critically discussed, and possible solutions identified. On this basis, entry points for follow up were discussed.


An international 5-day forum for more than 400 practitioners who will discuss business and partnership models in organic and fairtrade cotton value chains in view of current global trends such as the economic crisis and climate change.

In this one-week exchange and learning workshop, that took place from 19 – 25 April 2009, participants could deepen their know-how on concepts and steps to develop OFTVCs. The focus was on organisational and business management aspects, rather than on agricultural topics.

  • Symposium Public Acquisition 2009


A one-day symposium held in Solothurn (Switzerland) where public buyers and textile suppliers met to identify and discuss possibilities of how to include organic and fair trade textiles in public procurement, namely in the health sector.

Exponents of the Italian and international fashion industry, together with individuals who work for the protection of the environment and promotion of social rights met to discuss and debate thoroughly issues of joint interest.

Farmer groups, companies, organisations and individuals working on organic cotton met to share information on the latest developments in the organic cotton sector, to exchange with other stakeholders, and to explore fields for joint action to strengthen the development of organic cotton in India.

  • Symposium Public Acquisition 2006


During this symposium more than 100 public buyers and representatives of textile companies discussed partnership models to promote organic and fair trade textiles in public procurements, presenting Zurich's organic cotton police shirt as a pioneer project.

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