1. Creating and sharing know-how and information

We develop concepts and tools and make them available to organic and fairtrade initiatives. Our services include the provision of information and know-how on organic agriculture, fairtrade production and value chains.

We offer training materials, concepts and tools on organic and fair trade production and successful management of value chains with focus on internal control systems and business management tools.

The development and facilitation of communities of practice (CoP) brings players in the fairtrade and organic business from all over the world together.     It contributes to easier knowledge sharing that is intensified in our workshops and trainings. Our experienced team helps you to deal with the consequences of climate change.

It supports the use of organic farming, facilitating a sustainable adoption to the new situation.

2. Supporting the development of organic and fairtrade value chains

We support the development of new organic and fairtrade projects and facilitate linkages between suitable partners along the value chain. By conducting feasibility and impact assessments and coaching projects we offer you guidance during planning and implementation of sustainable businesses.

Our support includes solutions for farming systems, business planning and orginasation of producers. We connect suitable partners on all levels of the value chain and facilitate public-private development partnerships. We further conduct project evaluations, strategic reviews and impact assessments.

We support the development of service providers in the field of technical advice and business development services.

The OFTCC- team can also help you to get access to project funding and credit.

3. Facilitating market access and public relation activities

We support organic and fairtrade initiatives to develop their product portfolio and to access markets. Our team assists projects and companies in their concrete communication, public relation and marketing activities.

The OFTCC facilitates market studies and helps you identify suitable commercial partners for your projects. It supports the development of local and international markets for organic and fairtrade products and encourages product innovation and development.

4. Advising policy makers and programmes

We advice policy makers on designing conducive frameworks for the development of the organic and fairtrade sector. This includes assistance in the alignment and further refining of different standards and certification systems.

In addidtion OFTCC conducts reviews of programmes to support organic agriculture at national level. We furthermore develop concepts for green public procurement and assist interested agencies to find suitable suppliers.

If you want to know more about our services, or have specific questions in one of the fields mentioned above, do not hesitate to contact us.

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